Quinn and Cole have been with Chuck since 2nd and 1st grade respectively. They are now in 9th and 7th grades.

I have enjoyed watching Chuck interact with the boys in a very relaxed and encouraging way. He primarily uses the music to teach the lessons of music. He carefully selects their pieces as they become more proficient. He has them maintain a repertoire of about 5-6 pieces (for 3-4 months) as they progress through the year so they can always sit down and play something comfortably.

He understands the development of the kids musically and socially, having patience when they hit low levels of interest. He encourages at these points knowing that higher interest will soon follow. I have never seen Chuck angry or be discouraging. This is consistent with his philosophy that it is more important that they continue with the piano than how they might perform on any given day. He will just suggest that “That song is something to work on for next week.” For the yearly contest, music is distributed so early so that the kids have 3-4 months to become very comfortable and proficient before a performance. His patient but steady encouragement has resulted in good progress and some impressive performances.

Finally, Chuck is an excellent musician. He performs at each recital so the kids can have a target to shoot for. During lessons he frequently will play an ad lib duet with the kids on the second piano. This is always a highlight.

I have attended most all lessons with the boys (in the outside room). It has been quite enjoyable.

— Scott Eberly, MD

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